#agirlsbestfriendisyou. Dipesh Jewellers's Valentines Day Competition - Win £1000

#agirlsbestfriendisyouHow to Enter;

Method One)

Share, comment or like us on our social media pages in the run up to Valentines Day.

Commenting gets you two entries, as its harder than blindly hitting like and share buttons :P  Besides, we'd genuinely love to read your stories and comments, so we reward you for putting in the effort

Method Two) 

Are diamonds a girl's best friend? Believe us, we know our diamonds. But we also feel we know true love when we see it. Thats why we believe a girl's (or boy's!) best friend is actually their partner.

What do you think? Tell us why your partner is your best friend. Use #AGirlsBestFriendIsYou and #thejewelleryhub on twitter. This gets your two entries too! 

Enter as many times as you want! More entries = greater chance of winning!


£1000 worth of Jewellery here at Dipesh Jewellers

Winner Annouced on this page on Valentines Day. What an amazing day that will be for the winner!

Best Of Luck!

p.s Have you shared your "Wish List" with your significent other yet?Its so easy, just login, browse our site and click the things you love and share it. Its the most obvious and man-proof hint you can give!