UK Hallmarks

UK Hallmarking

When you buy Gold jewellery from countries such as India, Pakistan, Bangledesh or Dubai, those countries do not have a hallmarking system. The hallmarking shown to you is from the shop or supplier of the jewellery. Often the shop keeper or supplier is guessing the purity or using outdated methods to check the purity. 

The UK is subject to purity laws, which means each item needs to be independently tested. The best thing about buying 22 carat gold jewellery from us is that all of our items are hallmarked. 

So, if we say our jewellery is 22 carat gold, or 24 carat or 18 carat etc,  it will be gaurenteed to be. All our jewelllery is sent to the The Assay Office in London where they test it and only once they are satisfied they apply their hallmark, which is world recognised.  You are assured purity and quality. 

If you order bespoke jewellery in other metals such as platinum or palladium, that too will be also subject to the same rigorous independent testing and hallmarked.

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