Engagement & Wedding Rings Guide

Engagement & Wedding Rings Guide

There are so many styles and types of wedding rings and engagement rings that it’s easy to get overwhelmed but have you ever wondered where it all started?


The first records we have of exchanging wedding rings are around 6000 years ago in Egypt.  We now have engagement and wedding rings in platinum and diamond but back then, the rings were made of hemp or braided reed.  The Egyptians wore it on the ring finger of their left hand because the ancient Egyptians believed that there was a special vein in that finger that directly connected to the heart. 

Some historians say that the Romans were the first to believe that the vein in the ring finger was directly connected to the heart- but either way, it is incredibly romantic!

Wedding Bands

In the Western cultures, traditionally the wedding band is exchanged on the day of the wedding, when the couple says "I Do". It is usually a 'band' circular design that both partners wear for a lifetime. Some people opt for the classic and timeless plain band, while others opt for some design elements. 

Engagement Rings

This is the ring with which the man proposes to his woman. This is where he says " Will you marry me". The engagement ring is 'the one with the big diamond' which all girls love showing off to their friends and anything who will listen! And rightly so! 

Engagement Ring Sets

Both rings are equally special and sentimental and women love to wear both. For this reason many couples choose to buy the wedding band and engagement ring as a matching 'set'. The idea being that when worn together they look even more amazing! 

Cultures fuse and borrow from each other all the time. For example, some indian brides love to have a day where they too can wear a white wedding dress. Similarly, British Asian couples have adopted this amazing custom of wedding rings and engagement rings and we love prodiving the perfect rings for them! 

At Dipesh Jewellers, we love talking to couples who are about to get married and being involved of this special time in their lives! We eqaully enjoy educating and helping the guys who are planning to propose - often secretly! We have a huge selection of 22 Carat, 18 carat and diamond, white gold and yellow gold engagement and wedding rings and we can make ANYTHING to order. We can also alter and resize existing rings. 

If you have any questions just drop us an email, phone call or visit us at our shop. No question is too small or trivial - we are here to serve!