22 Carat Gold

22 Carat Gold

Gold jewellery has been around for aeons – especially within the South East Asian community. You’ve stumbled across us because we sell 22 Carat gold (22ct) jewellery – but what does it actually mean?  In short- it means purity, durability and luxury.

22 carat is a hallmark that indicates the level of purity. How pure? 91.6% pure. Gold is a very soft metal, so if you worked with 100% pure gold, is would not be durable enough to wear - you would accidently crush and bend it with your hands! We call it '22' because it means '22 parts out of 24' are pure gold. Mathamatically; 22/24 = 91.6. Simiarly, 18 carat is 18/24=75% pure. Pretty cool right?

Pure 24 Carat gold is too soft but it is 22 Carat gold that is most highly sought after because of durabilty. However we do make 24 carat pure gold bangles to order, so please contact us here for more information. 

22 Carat means that your gold pieces are 91.6% pure gold with just a few key ingredients alloyed in to make it last for your life time and for the next generations.


These are our tips for caring for your luxury jewellery:

  • Don’t wear your 22ct gold jewellery when you are applying perfume, sprays, lotion, make up or cleaning the house. Chemicals in any of these can affect the gold – especially bleach or chlorine.
  • Clean your jewellery with a specialist cleaner or in some warm soapy water but make sure you rinse all of the soap out to avoid any left over chemicals. 
  • On a daily basis, just give your jewellery a quick wipe with a soft non scratchy cloth.
  • Make sure your thoroughly dry your 22ct gold jewellery after you’ve cleaned it- ideally air dry since you don’t want to risk scratching it.
  • Store your jewellery in cotton wool and then place it in a hard box. 

Extra Info;  "Carat" versus "Karat". 

In the UK we use the word "Carat' to describe the purity of a metal as well as talking about the weight of diamonds and precious stones. The weight of the gold is in grams. For example we might say "This ring is in 18 carat gold, weighing 5 grams, with a 1 carat diamond.  In the USA they use the word "Karat" for purity of the metal. 

So now you know what 22 carat, 22 karat, 22ct and 22k mean!